Medical Billing

As deductibles and co-insurance charges rise, medical offices are under increased pressure to recover patient balances and resolve insurance claims as quickly as possible. With offices as busy as ever, and staff workload increased, unpaid balances are becoming an ever increasing cash flow problem for many, if not most medical practices.

From automated billing follow up to medical collections, the services we use stand apart from traditional medical collection agencies with diplomatic contacts that will not alienate patients, a no-percentage, flat-fee structure that ensures all balances are treated equally, and the proven effectiveness of third party intervention.

You will also appreciate the fact that unlike traditional medical debt collection agencies, our services do not interfere with your patient relationships. We encourage patients to negotiate payment plans or resolve disputes directly with your office, even while they're in collection, without interference from a disinterested third party. We believe that YOU know your patients best, and that you, rather than an impersonal medical collection agency, are in a unique position to more effectively and fairly negotiate and resolve disputes.